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New Jersey.

Yup. I’m back home. It’s been almost two months since my last post — I hope the radio silence didn’t worry anyone too much — when I signed off on the eve of my trip to the States to pick up a new work visa.

I had planned to return to India three weeks later, in early June. But due to some unforeseen challenges — days before submitting my application for a work visa, India’s notoriously debilitating bureaucracy further complicated their already labyrinthine visa laws — I’ve been having a difficult time finding my way back.

Not to worry, though: navigating those challenges has been yet another adventure, and it’s looking increasingly likely that I’ll be back in India in just a few weeks.

In the meantime, I’ve had the chance to see friends and family up and down the east coast, to rebuild a home in New Orleans with the St. Bernard Project — it’s been five years since Katrina and there’s still a load of work to be done — to see some fantastic live music and, perhaps most importantly, to gorge myself on some good ‘ole American beef and enjoy more than my fair share of tasty micro-brews.

Absolutely nothing to complain about, to be sure.

Still, I can’t wait to hop back into that first dusty rickshaw, to sniff Delhi’s smoky air, to dig my hands into a piping hot dish of spicy vegetables, to share a laugh with some old friends — to be back home in India.

Until then, Namaste!

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